Bingo Daubers

Bingo Daubers are used when you play bingo at a live venue. You use the bingo dauber to mark off the numbers on your bingo card as they are called out. The ink filled bingo dauber is placed over the number in the pattern on your card and when you get all of them, as you know it s a BINGO!!

To serious bingo players the dauber is a very important piece of equipment and they can be custom made to suit individuals own tastes! Some companies make bingo daubers which sparkle, have their favourite characters on them such as Betty Boop and Dracula! These sorts of bingo daubers are very popular amongst regulars to bingo halls. The dauber must be comfortable to its user and that’s why there are so many styles out there. It must fit nicely into the hand, to avoid discomfort an cramp at a crucial moment in the bingo game.

Bingo daubers can make great novelty presents for people, even those who play bingo online might like their very own dauber for the odd time they go to live bingo tournaments. Some people believe that the right bingo dauber will bring luck as well.

Don’t think that bingo daubers are only for those who play live bingo. In online bingo, daubers are equally as important and although you cannot customise your dauber you can choose features such as auto-daub which prevents you from missing out! This can happen easily if you are taking advantage of the great online chat facilities in all the great online bingo rooms. You can also very importantly choose the colour of your daub, so even though you can’t feel it in your hand, you have it personalised just for you!!

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