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Playing Chat games.

Chat games are known for being just as much fun as bingo games, and more and more players think they can be even more enjoyable then the actual bingo games themselves!

Why? For starters you get to win extra money which predominately is bonus money but some sites pay out in cash or prizes, but you also get to banter with the other roomies while these games are being played.

The chat games are played by the CM (chat moderator) during bingo games and some online bingo sites will let you play for free while others will have some kind of rules in place to stop free loaders just playing the chat games and not play bingo.

The idea of the chat games is to give the players and the CM interaction because, if you simply just play bingo by itself then you’ll have no one to talk to, no one to cheer on or applaud and no one to cheer you on or applaud you, if you happen to become a winner.

Who and what is an online bingo chat moderator (CM)

CM is the abbreviation for a Chat Moderator. In a nutshell, a bingo CM looks after the chat room.  They monitor the chat, run the online bingo chat games and ensure that everyone in the chat room is having fun. Most importantly they hand out loads of chat game prizes and money to winning players of the various chat games.

Most online bingo websites have a good handful of CM’s and it is their responsibility to make sure new players feel welcome and to create a fun and harmonious chat room.

Generally, when you enter an online bingo chat room for the first time, the CM will be the first to greet you and become the first friend you make.

CM’s are a friendly bunch and their job to be polite and helpful and in most cases completely mad. So don’t be afraid to ask them any questions no matter how simple.

Online bingo bonuses explained.

There are essentially two types of new player bonuses. The No Deposit Required online bingo bonus is a great way of evaluating an online bingo site before making a deposit.

You get to play with the bingo sites money and in most cases you can keep any money you win.  The Deposit Match Bonus is the next type of bonus.

The online bingo site will add additional money to your deposit giving you much more money to play with. EG. You deposit £20, and they add an additional £20 to your bingo account, giving you £40 to play with.

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