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Love Bingo? Can’t get enough of it so much that you hate waiting for the weekly meetings and games? If this is the case, then direct an Internet browser to the Bingo website “Foxy Bingo” and play to your heart’s content in the privacy of your own home. Foxy Bingo is a UK based Bingo site that gives gaming action in the cyber-environment. As with any game of chance, Foxy Bingo advises players gamble and play responsibly.

Starting With Foxy Bingo

Upon first starting at Foxy Bingo, users must first create an account, user name and password. The field’s of entry are easy to follow and are set in the HTTPS secured environment so information is safe-guarded from theft or fraud. Foxy Bingo even goes so far as to provide promotions for first time players, sometimes in amounts of 30pounds or more.

That promotion is deposited into players accounts upon successful creation of the user account. Even if players open the account with 10pounds, the 30pounds are deposited. That provides a great incentive to start playing Bingo and other slot based games at Foxy Bingo.

Foxy Bingo

Bingo and Other Game Play

After the account is created, players get to select from a variety of games. Bingo and a set of varietals are available as are a series of online slot machines. Money is deducted from the account with each game and winnings are deposited directly into the player account.

Linked to Bank and Debit

The user account is linked in to a bank, debit or online escrow service. If the player wishes to deposit more funds for play it is a simple matter of using the secured section of the Foxy Bingo site. When players win, the funds may be transferred into the attached bank, debit or online escrow account for withdraw access. This allows players to gain easy access to won money and funds, something we all want to do.

Social Media

If players want to follow game play or be alerted to upcoming promotions or specials, Foxy Bingo allows the account to be linked to the websites Twitter and Facebook page. This gives players up to date alerts, letting them opt in for the promotions or specials as they occur.


Foxy Bingo runs regular promotions with give-aways and bonus play money. Examples include auto giveaways, lottery style games, bonus slot play, or free Bingo game cards. As you play and accrue more funds and experience, Foxy Bingo opens up new promotions to keep players engaged and entertained.

History and Credentials

Foxy Bingo was awarded the 2011 Bingo Website of the Year Award, letting players know they are playing at a high quality site. In addition, Foxy Bingo has earned awards from various online centres for integrity and user ease.

When you are ready to play some online Bingo, Foxy Bingo stands above others.

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