Wink Bingo: Great Opportunities for Bingo Winnings

Wink Bingo

The name itself implies all of the cute animations, fun characters and bright colors that you’ll find on this bingo site. However, despite what might look like a cutesy image Wink Bingo is here for serious players, and there are plenty of opportunities once you start browsing through the site.

Perhaps one of the best options provided for players that want to try and get something for nothing is the free spin and free bingo promotions on Wink Bingo. Additionally Wink Bingo offers players the chance to play free games of bingo, which is always a great way to play without paying up front.

Wink Bingo

Bonus Cash

Wink Bingo is big on bonus cash, but it ranges depending on when you join and what you put into your account to play with. For instance, a 300% matching bonus on the first deposit you make can net you a lot of extra playing money if you’re willing to make a decent investment. And after that a 50% matching bonus for additional deposits can give you that edge and keep you playing bingo and winning more often than you would without the extra advantage.


Wink Bingo offers 75 and 90 ball bingo on a regular basis, and there are plenty of opportunities for free games as mentioned above as well. There are also instant win games, where you can pick up bonuses or prizes right then with no waiting or additional playing.

VIP Club

The Joy Gem VIP Club at Wink Bingo is just one more way that you can get ahead of the curve to make sure that you get the best opportunities possible with Wink Bingo. You need to bet large to get access to the VIP club (2000 pounds within thirty days for 3 consecutive 30 day periods, or 5000 pounds deposited and wagers within 90 days on instant games and bingo), but once you have access you’ll be able to get in on VIP events, win special prizes and be sure that you are accorded all of the treatment that your VIP status deserves on Wink Bingo, and a variety of other sites.

Overall Wink Bingo gives you access to a variety of bonuses and chances to get ahead both as a player and as a lover of bingo. With partnerships to other sites as well there’s really nothing you can’t manage at Wink Bingo.

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